Numero 68

Gus , Francis , Kendro , Niko , Paul and Radison

When you get a ton of hot guys together, things can get messy. So, I don’t exactly blame my boyfriend for getting frisky with his ex, I just feel a little jealous about it! How could he betray me like this after I planned his whole birthday party for him? But when I confront him, he wants me to just let it go and have some fun. That’s when the other guys come over and join us, stripping down to their birthday suits to indulge in some real festivities. I whip out my uncut cock and fuck a cute curly haired kid while my boyfriend gets his dick teased by two chiseled hunks. I couldn’t be happier to watch him shoot his hot leche all over them while cum spouts from the tip of my own meaty prick. What a birthday party!

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