Numero 55

Angelo and Maximiliano

This nervous, caramel-skinned stud showed up at my place to get photographed, but I couldn’t help imagine what his thick cock looked like in those jeans. I was instantly turned on by him and suggested that he slip into something a bit sexier for the shoot — maybe even take his clothes off completely — but the guy wouldn’t budge. I could see that he was looking for something in return, so when I whipped out some cash, his tune changed completely. I gave him a handful of pesos to let me touch his tight muscles, and for a few more, he started swirling his tongue around the tip of my dick. We said “fuck it” to the photoshoot and decided to screw each other, so I stuck my throbbing cock up his tight hole instead! He begged for more, and when I finally got my fill, I pumped out a creamy load of leche in this eager guy’s mouth. It was a productive shoot, to say the least, and he’ll definitely be back for some more work soon!

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