Numero 5


When I was walking around looking for guys for my videos, I saw this beautiful boy hanging out on the street giving me a flirty look. His red shorts were so small and thin I could almost see his cock! He was cruising me hard and I was so into him! It was clear he wanted to fool around, but I wanted to make sure I got him on film. He was unsure about making a video, but when I gave him a couple bucks, he agreed. He was so horny to suck and get fucked that I probably didn’t need to pay him anything. As soon as I turned the camera on, he was already trying to touch my fat cock. We went back to his place and I got to see him strip down and get on his knees. He had the most amazing mouth. But when I saw him naked, I was in love with his smooth skin. Wait until you see his beautiful ass and tiny hole in action!

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