Numero 21

Herbert and Perez

On a rainy day our cameraman found this straight Venezuelan boy wandering the streets of Buenos Aires. His phone died while he was out exploring - the perfect excuse to invite him over. He hasn't jerked off yet today, and he’s saved up a big load of leche for us to enjoy. It’s not too hard to get him naked - he even lets our camera guy play with his cock for a little cash. But when our guy tries to stick his cock in the boy’s ass, he freaks out. He puts on his clothes and tries to leave - but we offer him more than he earns in a month and he can't refuse. The boy takes a raw cock for the first time and even seems to enjoy it. He's fucked from behind, then he rides our cameraman’s dick and shoots his wad all over his chest before milking a load out with his mouth. After this taste of Argentine hospitality, he’ll definitely be back for more.

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